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I have extensive experience in technical translation:

  • Computer hardware manuals
  • Software documentation
  • Electronic equipment manuals
  • Installation guides
  • Processor upgrade manuals
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Manuals for industrial equipment
  • Websites for consumer electronics producs
  • Technical questionnaires
  • Loudspeaker manuals
  • DVD player manuals
  • Digital camera manuals
  • Auto parts website
  • Automotive performance specifications
  • Manuals for smart wearables

I offer English-German and German-English translation services for independent authors who want to open up new markets for their books. I specialize in science fiction, fantasy, military, historical novels and thrillers.

Here are some quotes by authors whose books I have translated:

Frank is one of the best English to German translators on the market. He did a superb job on translating The Red Baron into German, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of military terms and history that is of tremendous value. Frank should be the first person you contact for all your English to German translating needs.
Richard J. Fox, author of The Red Baron.

Frank Dietz is an awesome translator! He's fast, has great communication, and formats the translation perfectly! He is great to work with and puts a lot of passion into creating an excellent German book. I hope to work with him again. Highly recommended!
- Rain Oxford, author of The Sorcerer's Quest

A pleasure to work with. Maintained an open line of communication during the translation process, demonstrated impressive translation and editing skills, and produced a high quality translation.
- E. J. Stevens, author of Shadow Sight

Books I have translated from English into German

Tödliche Schlinge: Ein Cal-Corwin-Krimi (Privatdetektivin Cal Corwin 3) (WIth Olivia Brechbühl) German translation of Slipknot by David vanDyke
Tödliche Fessel: Ein Cal-Corwin-Krimi (Privatdetektivin Cal Corwin 2)  German translation of In a Bind by David vanDyke
Tödliche Knoten: Ein Cal-Corwin-Krimi (Privatdetektivin Cal Corwin 1)  German translation of Loose Ends by David vanDyke

Schlachtschiff Indomitable (Galaktische-Befreiungskriege-Serie 3) German translation of Book 3 of the Galactic Liberation Series by David vanDyke and B.V. Larson
Sternenschiff Liberator (Galaktische-Befreiungskriege-Serie 2) German translation of Book 2 of the Galactic Liberation Series by David vanDyke and B.V. Larson
Raumschiff-Grenadier (Galaktische-Befreiungskriege-Serie 1)  German translation of Book 1 of the Galactic Liberation Series by David vanDyke and B.V. Larson
Conquest und Imperium (Stellar-Conquest-Serie 5). German translation of Conquest and Empire by David vanDyke.
Conquest und Erde (Stellar-Conquest-Serie 4). German translation of Conquest of Earth by David vanDyke
Travail Online: Seelenbewahrer (LitRPG-Serie, Band 1) . German translation of Travail Online: Soulkeeper  by Brian Simons
Taktik der Conquest (Stellar-Conquest-Serie 3) 
German translation of Tactics of Conquest by David vanDyke
Desolator: Conquest (Stellar-Conquest-Serie 2).
German translation of Desolator: Conquest by David vanDyke
Club Nexus.
German translation of Club Nexus by E. J. Stevens
Raumschiff Conquest (Stellar-Conquest-Serie 1)German translation of First Conquest by David vanDyke
Geisterlichter. German translation of Ghost Light by E.J.Stevens
Schmiede und Stahl
(Seuchenkriege-Serie 11) German translation of Forge and Steel by David vanDyke
Ankunft des Zerstörers (Seuchenkriege-Serie 10) German translation of Comes the Destroyer by David vanDyke.
Der Cyborg-Krieg (Seuchenkriege-Serie 9)  German translation of Cyborg Strike by David VanDyke
Des Zauberers Geheimnis.
German translation of The Wizard's Secret (The Sorcerer's Saga Book 2) by Rain Oxford
Brennpunkt Orion.  (Seuchenkriege-Serie 8).
German translation of The Orion Plague by David VanDyke
Die Todesseuche  (Seuchenkriege-Serie 7).
German translation of The Reaper Plague t by David VanDyke
Blut und Misteln.
German translation of Blood and Mistletoe by E.J. Stevens
Drohung im Dunkeln (Seuchenkriege-Serie 5).
German translation of Nearest Night by David VanDyke
German translation of Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens
Die Quest des Hexers. German translation of The Sorcerer's Quest (The Sorcerer's Saga Book 1)  by Rain Oxford
Der Junge auf dem Dachboden.
German translation of The Attic by Derek Prior
Die Todesseuche (Seuchenkriege-Serie 6) .
German translation of The Reaper Plague  by David VanDyke
Ein Fall in Weiß  ( Lakeside-Katzenkrimi-Serie 2). German translation of A Mystery In White  by Janet Evans
Die Verschwundene Leiche (Lakeside-Katzenkrimi-Serie 1) . German translation of The Missing Corpse by Janet Evans
Flucht vor den Toten - Ein Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot-Roman. German translation of Escaping the Dead by W. J. Lundy
Die Dämonenseuchen (Seuchenkriege-Serie 6). German translation of The Demon Plagues by David VanDyke
Apokalypse in Austin (Seuchenkriege-Serie 4). German translation of Apocalypse Austin by David VanDyke
Wir, die Überlebenden: Der Jüngste Tag. German translation of For Us The Living: Judgment Day by R. A. Peters
Der Rote Baron - Ein Roman über den Ersten Weltkrieg. German translation of The Red Baron by Richard Fox
Der Eden-Exodus (Seuchenkriege-Serie 3). German translation of Eden Exodus by David VanDyke
Skulls Schatten (Seuchenkriege-Serie 2) German translation of Skull's Shadows by David VanDyke
Reapers Rennen (Seuchenkriege-Serie 1). German translation of Reaper's Run by David van Dyke
Die Eden-Seuche. (Seuchenkriege-Serie 0). German translation of The Eden Plague  by David van Dyke
Dourado - Ein Dane-Maddock-Abenteuer. German translation of Dourado: A Dane Maddock Adventure by David Wood
Eisbruch - Ein Dane-Maddock-Abenteuer. German translation of Icefall: A Dane Maddock Adventure by David Wood

Translations from German into English

The Io Encounter. English translation Io by Brandon Q. Morris
The Titan Probe
English translation of Titan by Brandon Q. Morris.
The Enceladus Mission.
English translationof Enceladus by Brandon Q. Morris.
Evolution Z: Stage One   English translation of Evolution Z: Stufe Eins by David Bourne
Evolution Z: Stage Two   English translation of Evolution Z: Stufe Zwei by David Bourne
Evolution Z: Stage Three   English translation of Evolution Z: Stufe Drei by David Bourne